These beautiful woodland designs are made using foliage foraged from the woodlands around our farm in Ockham, Surrey. We use bundles of Honeysuckle vines, Hazel twigs with their silky dangling catkins,  beautiful berried ivy and an array of gathered fallen twigs all covered in colourful green and yellow lichen. They are bound together with ribbon or twine and used in the vase to  support the more delicate stems and flowers.

All of our designs are made to order and the flower colours are subject to availability.

All Beehaven floral designs are unique and made to a theme. These pictures are a guide to our wild woodland theme. Similar in structure using twigs for flower support and not floral foam. We use a variety of flowers in the displays depending on the season and availability. We do not use chemicals, floral foam and all our designs are biodegradable and kind to the environment.

please contact us to order…