​​This summer I gambled on it being a hot one ! Well you hear a lot about global warming and climate change …. and last year early summer was a cold wet one, so subconsciously decided this year would be much warmer and drier and gosh I was right? 
Fortunately when planning my summer pots outside of my conservatory/ kitchen table / office, I made some calculated choices and have to say they are looking and smelling pretty good right now.
Well the bees think so too …over the years I have often planted up these pots with wonderful colourful but thirsty flowers and as I spend much of my time now in the flower garden, these pots often get a bit neglected when it comes to a regular water, dead heading and feeding.
This year a hasty water once or twice a week and despite the months of no real rain, they are looking very pretty, full of bees and butterflies and I love the movement as they dance around in the welcome breeze.
With Bee friendly flowers in mind and a hot dry area that gets full sun most of the day, I potted up some wonderful scented perlargoniums, including Pink Capitatum which smells of a lemon and rose and also some Lavender multifida, together with some Erigeron and Gaura the Bride for their floaty waving flowers. Irresistible if your a bumble bee and they have been coming along like buses all day ( namely a long wait when I got the iPhone camera ready)
The back drop is the bed of Lavender Hidcote which is still alive with all different bees including my honeys. They say less is more, and there are fewer flowers in my pots, but lots more scent and movement in the breeze. This is giving me the sense that I could be sitting in Tuscany or Provence right now, but actually I am quite content and enjoying the light breeze on this fabulous sunny British Summers day. 
Of course a glass of nice chilled blush from Provence to cool me as I enjoy my beautiful Mediterranean flowers wouldn’t go amiss🌸🌸🐝🐝😉 they can go a few days without a drink but well…. 🙄I’m a bit more thirsty !